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Tax Questionnaire 2023 on Revenues and Credits in 2022

This is based on your income for the calendar year 2022 (1st Jan - 31 Dec 2022)

The period we have to file your French income tax return is from mid-April. There is only a short window of about six weeks. 

  • If you are a French Resident you will need to submit a French Tax Return and declare your worldwide income.


  • ​You make a Tax Return per ‘household’. A household is defined as a single person or a legally married/PACSED couple. If you are a couple living in the same house but NOT legally married/PACSED then you need to file two separate Tax Returns.



  1. Prepare your revenues for between 1st January and 31st December 2022 in the currency you originally received it.

  2. Complete the sections of the questionnaire where required using the dropdowns where possible.

  3. Send clear scanned copies of all requested documents preferably as a PDF.

  4. If you have long term rental then visit the page for 'Long Term Rental'.

  5. Tick the box to agree to our conditions and fees.

  6. Submit application.

  7. French DECEMBER Salary Bulletin (fiche/bulletin de paie) or your annual Fiche Fiscale


  • In July/August/September you will sent your Tax Statement (Avis D'impot 2023 sur les revenues 2022) by post


  • If there is any tax due then it will state the total and the installment payment dates usually from Sept - Dec


  • PLEASE NOTE: The tax office MAY take direct debit payments from September for advance tax payments for the following year - this is called the PAS (prélèvement à la source). 

NEW FOR 2023

UK and EU citizens with non-Assurance Vie

investment accounts, share trading platforms and ISA’s

If you have British or European accounts that have:

- generated growth

- paid interest

- paid dividends

- paid capital gains

So we can report these incomes correctly - please either:


- complete the INCOME SECTION further down with your interest, dividends, annual gain or capital gain  OR

- you may have to contact your provider and request a simple statement/letter that details the gain, interest payments, dividends for each investment in 2022 or ask an accountant/financial adviser from the country of investment to prepare this for you

Please do not send documents which then require the calculation of figures to establish your gain, interest or dividend total.


These must be declared and reported on your French Tax Declaration.  There is a flat tax payable of 30% on most of these incomes. To avoid paying tax on these investments in France contact us for more advice.


Ongoing French Tax Resident

Declarant 1 (ONE)

Declarant 1 - in 2022 did OPEN/CLOSE an AE (self employment), start or stop renting property, OPEN/CLOSE a French company?

Declarant 2 (TWO)

Dec 2 - In 2022 did you OPEN/CLOSE an AE (self employment), start or stop renting property, OPEN/CLOSE a French company?

Did you have any NEW dependent children or adults in 2022?

Did you have children or adults that became NON-DEPENDENT in 2022?

New NON-DEPENDENTS will no longer appear on your tax return and will need to do their own separate tax return.

Have your address or accommodation details changed?


You will need to declare your foreign and French rental income.

There is a different reporting method for 'holiday' and 'long term/short tenancy' rental.

 HOLIDAY rental you declare the 'gross income' and no expenses - you declare in one of the income boxes below.

 LONG TERM rental you need to report the 'gross income' and the 'gross expenses' of each property.



You need to report your French and Worldwide income to the French Tax Authorities. 

These can include salaries, self employment, dividends, shares, interest, capital gains, gains on investment funds such as ISAs, French and Non-French long term rental, holiday rental, divorce payments, child maintenance. 

You can pick an income source from the dropdown list. If you unsure income category just add a note on

'any other information'.

Enter the currency that you originally received the income.


For example, if you received your state pension in the UK in GBP in your UK Bank Account and then transferred it across to your French Bank account you need to enter GBP in the currency and the amount in £'s you received the pension.

We will use the French Tax Office 'rate of exchange' to convert your original currency into Euros.

For French Salaries we need your end of your summary salary bulletin a 'Fiche Fiscale 2022'. There is a section to add documents further down.

Upload File
Upload File

That's enough surely....more questions!!!

Apologies but to protect your tax status we need to double check a few points with you. must answer these questions.


  • Charitable donations. Have you made any charitable donations IN THE EU with a receipt?

  • Childcare. Have you employed people in your home such as childcare, cleaners, private tutors on an official payment system such as CESCA or Page Emploi?

  • Eco-friendly installations. Have you made any ECO FRIENDLY home improvements in your property such as solar panels, insulation, etc that have builders/installer's certificate?

  • All invoice receipts need to be scanned and sent to us

Upload File
Upload File


In 2022 or 2023 have you OPENED or CLOSED any non-French based (foreign) checking/current/savings/investment accounts?

Terms and Conditions and Sending Your Information


By ticking the box 'I agree to the terms and conditions' you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.

Peter JOHNSON SARL agree:


Prepare and submit a French Tax Return based on the information submitted by the client to Peter JOHNSON


Provide ongoing support for 12 months support including correspondence received, corrections, communication, meetings, phone calls, emails with tax authorities in relation to this submission


Please note late filing is usually penalised by the French Tax office.  We take no responsibly for late filling due to late (after 30th June) or non-receipt of the information required to complete your tax return. Each tax return is sent ‘suivi’ or followed delivery. The tax office do not recognise ‘lettre recommandée’/recorded delivery.

By engaging our services understand and agree to the following terms of engagement:

  • We make every effort to provide accurate, relevant and current information.

  • You authorise to access your online tax account and submit a French Declaration on your behalf

  • We cannot be held responsible for changes in the law, systems and procedures whilst undertaking your original instruction.

  • We cannot be held responsible for the response time and action of French governmental bodies local and national.

  • The actions of the French public administration are beyond our control and their actions may affect the success of your application, request or file.

  • All work for clients is undertaken in an honest, transparent and professional manner.

  • Fees are not related to the success of your application but for the work undertaken therefore no refunds or discounts are provided for unsuccessful instructions of work

Thanks for submitting!

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