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B & B...Gite...Air BNB...Long Term Let


You want to make some extra money renting out a Gite?

You have bought a property with the aim of building a chambre d'hôtes?


You have invested in a property and you want to let it out long term?


You have a room in your house you want to rent?

Rental options are complicated in France.  The option you choose must be connected to your VISA, work, tax and healthcare. 

Are you a LMNP, LMP, classified, furnished, unfurnished, over or under 23K and the list goes on....?

Are you a Gite or B & B or do you just have a lodger? 

As part of your 'life plan' in France we can help decide the best option for your rental....knowing that at any time things could change and we may have to review and adapt.

Real options from real people who have lived and worked in France....and deal with the system everyday.




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