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Signing a Contract


Navigating the French tax system can be complicated.

We work on a daily basis with tax offices across France as we help over 1000 clients manage their tax affairs. 

Our daily experiences with the tax system mean that we can focus what can actually be done for our clients.

Blogs, social media groups and Google searches can sometimes provide good advice, however, real and regular engagement with the tax officers mean we have our finger on the pulse.

The system in France was not built to accommodate the income revenues and unique situation of international residents and non-residents, so, 

it is important to enter the system correctly and make sure you don't under or over pay.

Our fee includes analysis and planning and a full year round support after we have submitted your tax return.  Our aim is to make your tax return perfect - BUT if things don't go to plan or the local tax officer misinterprets your return we are by your side with no hidden fees. 

Take away any stress and make sure you have your tax managed properly throughout the year and

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