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Insurance concept, Businessman holding red umbrella on falling rain with protect with icon

Making sure you have the proper insurance for the 'unexpected' moments in French life is vital.

In addition to the standard house, car, pet and motor insurance there are some unique insurances to consider.

If you are coming here on VISA, to see if French life is for you, then you need to make sure you have 'compliant' health insurance.


You need to make sure your insurance covers you for civil liability in the event you or your child causes an accident.

Subscribing to an appropriate 'Mutuelle' will ensure your health costs are fully covered.  Sensible 'Mutuelle' insurance planning allow to access various levels of personal care areas such dentistry and vision.

Our experience of living, working, family life, schools and business has provided the Peter JOHNSON team the reality of what makes insurance work.

Speak to us about how to plan your insurance - as all companies are not the same.


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