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The window to submit your French Declaration is now open.


We have already received 100’s of completed online questionnaires. Many thanks for your support as we continue to develop this system.


As ever, the tax office have made small amendments to the tax declaration online system. 

Last year a new obligation was introduced to confirm the occupancy of your property –‘Biens Immobiliers’. This year we must confirm that the occupancy has not changed and, if it has, then we need to make a NEW declaration.


Make sure you have RECEIVED our online questionnaire and answered all the questions to make sure you are COMPLIANT with the current tax office regulations.


If you haven’t received your Peter JOHNSON 2024 on Revenues 2023 Online Questionnaire – please check your SPAM/JUNK boxes or contact us and we’ll send you this again.

French Tax Declaration 2024 on Revenues 2023

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