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If you are an owner of a property in France you are obliged to complete the Biens Immobiliers declaration.


Peter JOHNSON can help you comply with this new regulation by checking and updating your online property ownership details. 

The declaration will ensure property owners are complying with the obligation to declare the identity of the occupants of their property. 

The Taxe d'Habitation (housing tax) has been abolished for properties occupied as primary residences. However, this tax is still applied to second/holiday homes.

In confirm who is liable for taxe d'Habitation, the French Tax Authorities require all French property owners to declare the occupancy and ownership status of their properties. 

If you do not comply by 30th June 2024 then a fine of 150€ may be imposed



  • Complete the information below if you own property/ies in France. 

  • Tick the box to agree to our conditions and fees

  • Submit application

The fee for us to update and validate your Biens Immobiliers submission is 25 euros. 

In the box BELOW you need to enter the names, dates of birth, place of birth of the people that 'occupy' so 'live' in the property.

  • You only need to enter the adults who 'live' in the property NOT dependent children

  • The owners may also be the occupants

  • You need to enter long term adults TENANTS - you will usually have a rental contract with a long term tenant and therefore their full details including their passport

  • Do NOT enter short stay holiday tenants such as Air BnB, Chambre D'Hotes customers etc

Terms and Conditions and Sending Your Information


By ticking the box 'I agree to the terms and conditions' you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.

Peter JOHNSON SARL agree to:


Prepare and submit a GÉRER MES BIENS IMMOBILIERS based on the information submitted by the client to Peter JOHNSON


Provide ongoing support for 12 months support including correspondence received, corrections, communication, meetings, phone calls, emails with tax authorities in relation to this submission.


Please note late filing is usually penalised by the French Tax office.  We take no responsibly for late filling due to late (after 30th June) or non-receipt of the information required to complete your tax return.

By engaging our services understand and agree to the following terms of engagement:

  • We make every effort to provide accurate, relevant and current information.

  • Our fees covers all the properties listed under your personal tax account.

  • You authorise to access your online tax account and submit a French Declaration on your behalf

  • We cannot be held responsible for changes in the law, systems and procedures whilst undertaking your original instruction.

  • We cannot be held responsible for the response time and action of French governmental bodies local and national.

  • The actions of the French public administration are beyond our control and their actions may affect the success of your application, request or file.

  • All work for clients is undertaken in an honest, transparent and professional manner.

  • Fees are not related to the success of your application but for the work undertaken therefore no refunds or discounts are provided for unsuccessful instructions of work.

Thanks for submitting!

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